E-Commerce for small businesses

Around 26% of the small businesses have an e-commerce site or use their website to create an e-commerce and/or mobile site. Small businesses have always been considered as entrepreneurial and ready to capitalize on biggest trends. They are also generally less risk averse than larger companies which gives them more leeway to grow as well as harness the power of e-commerce, whether that can be through social media or device technology. In order to reap the benefits of the e-commerce sector and to have an understanding of the changing consumer behavior associated with it, there are important benefits to be considered.


  • Fewer costs since we eliminate the physical storefront. Reducing the costs to just the software to be used.
  • Visitor tracking and statistics
  • Search engine traffic
  • Larger marketplace and marketing ROI
  • Labor cost advantages and location-independent management.
  • Automated customer feedback and support.
  • Payment integration and increase of payment options(Paypal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay…)